Projects in Chicago : concrete projects, concrete stairs, concrete sidewalks

Concrete projects done in Chicago, Evanston and Chicago suburbs : concrete stairs, concrete sidewalks, concrete foundation, all done in Chicago and Chicago suburbs.

Concrete work


Address8206 Laramie Ave, Skokie IL

Concrete work on front porch concrete stairs and landing.
  • Remove the steel railings off concrete steps and the landing temporarily.
  • Brake out old concrete stairs and only a porch landing to the left of the front door entrance which is approx. 7" thick (keep the foundation wall under the landing). Remove the bush tree off the landing area to the right of the front door entrance and brake out concrete deteriorated wall in that area down to the ground which is to the right of steps.
  • Form up and dowel reinforcing steel #4 re bars in the existing foundation of the landing and to the masonry wall every 1' apart in each direction also dowel and lay out re bars for the steps and new foundation wall to the right of the steps.
  • Pour new concrete steps (all steps even) and the new landing all the way towards the garage with the foundation wall to the right of the steps 4000psi 6 bag mix with light broom finish pitching the concrete away from the building.
  • Apply masonry caulk Vulkem color stone on the joint between concrete landing and bottom of the brick wall across.
  • Install steel railings back
  • Clean up the property and haul away debris.

Concrete work


Address25 Stacy Lane, Glenview IL

Concrete Work on the driveway.
  • Brake out the concrete driveway from front in front of the garage in the back yard including apron and little walkway at the side door of the garage towards the east wall of the house saw cutting off the concrete sidewalk by the air-condition then brake out the driveway on the north side of the house to the asphalt driveway. Saw cut approx. 16 ½’’ by 5’ of uneven asphalt driveway and brake it out for the extended part of the new concrete driveway. Brake out the sidewalk in front of the house from the driveway to the front steps of the house including bottom landing.
  • Excavate soil 2” max deeper than 5” depth for compacted gravel that will laid under the concrete overall on all driveway area to get the proper pitch away from the house. The proposed excavated 2” extra depth is proposed because of new concrete driveway being a lot lower than existing soil grade in the yard ( especially in the back yard). The new pith of the concrete driveway will be accomplished by lowering the driveway at certain points that will allow rain water slowly drain away from the building strictures due to hard elevation conditions. When desired to remove more soil than proposed there will be additional charges to dispose of the soil and grade it (not including seeding new grass). The additional estimated charge would be approx. $1,000 for that.
  • Frame up and lay out 5” of compacted gravel on the new concrete driveway and 4” for the new sidewalks.
  • Lay out steel wire mesh on the gravel for new concrete driveway.
  • Pour new concrete driveway 4000psi 6 bag mix 5” thick and pour new concrete sidewalks 4” thick pitching them away from the building walls.
  • Apply all necessary expansion and crack control joints on the driveway. Max span between the joints will be 6’ apart on the small concrete areas and 8’ on large concrete areas. There is approx. 1334sqft of concrete work area.
  • Clean the property and haul away debris.
    Owner supplies with 3 copies of plat of survey and contractor gets the driveway permits. Do not put salt on the new concrete. It will damage the surface. Use sand  

Concrete work


Address626 Park Ave,River Forest, IL

Concrete work

ClientTerri Wester
Address1630 Henry Ave, Des Plaines, IL 60016

Concrete work
  • Remove left steel railing temporarily off the front porch stairs and keep the right supported or remove it temporarily as well. Brake out old front porch steps.
  • Brake out another concrete sidewalk from the city sidewalk all the way back to the east door entrance and brake out the side concrete steps as well. Remove the side wood rail and keep for the owner if possible.
  • Frame up and lay out reinforcing steel bars for all the new concrete steps
  • Frame up, lay out gravel 4''thick and compact it with compactor for sidewalks
  • Pour new concrete sidewalks and new concrete steps 4000psi 6 bag mix 4'' thick
  • Install steel railings on the new concrete front porch steps
  • Clean the property and haul away debris
  • Brake out the asphalt patio from the back of the house to the back of the garage and pour additional concrete slab with the same specifications approx 4' by 21''
  • Excavate soil 42'' deep for the freeze line under bottom steps and pour extra concrete footing. Install new black primed iron railing all to the codes of Village of Des Plaines

Concrete work


Address8224 S Paxton Ave Chicago IL

Concrete work

Concrete work


ClientDavid Westveer
Address340 Ridge Ave, Evanston, IL 60202

Concrete work
  • Take out steel railings of the stairs and dispose of.
  • Break out old concrete stairs and sidewalk leading to city sidewalk
  • Frame up, layout reinforcing steel bars for new concrete stairs
  • Lay out gravel and compact it minimum 4'' thick for new sidewalk
  • Pour new concrete stairs and sidewalk minimum 4'' with broom finish
  • Install new steel railing back
  • Clean up the property and haul away debris

Concrete work


ClientTom Skinner
Address4231 N Richmond Ave Chicago, IL 60618

Concrete work
  • Break out concrete sidewalk in front of the concrete porch and concrete sidewalk in the back of the house
  • Break out concrete steps on the front of the house
  • Lay out gravel and reinforcing steel bars for new concrete steps
  • Pour new concrete steps 6 bag mix 4000 PSI
  • Remove the forms clean up the property and haul away debris

Concrete work

ClientOlga Wirtz
Address4637 W Deming Pl Chicago, IL 60639

Concrete work
  • Brake out old front porch concrete stairs
  • Dispose of old steel railing
  • Frame up layout gravel and reinforcing steel bars for new front porch stairs
  • Install new steel railing on new stairs

Concrete work and brickwork


ClientJim Flanagan
Address1403 S 16th Ave, Maywood, IL 60153

Concrete : stairs
  • Break out concrete stairs on the porch of the house supporting the small roof.
  • Dig down 42'' in the soil for a new trench foundation under new concrete stairs.
  • Pour a new trench concrete stairs on the side porch 6 bag mix 4000 PSI
  • Save some good bricks from old porch and remove and houl away the rest of the debris
Concrete sidewalk
  • Break out sidewalk from the city sidewalk to the back of the side porch, layout gravel, compact it and pour new concrete sidewalk 6 bag mix 4000 PSI - NEEDED
Brick work
  • Remove damaged bricks on the south side of the house and replace them with some of saved bricks.
  • Construct 2 new brick pillars with 2 new concrete seals on the bottom lying on the new concrete stairs and reused 2 old seals on the top of pillars where steel supports will rest on.
  • Wash chemically graffiti on the north wall
  • Tuckpoint 100% of the house

New foundation


ClientGrazyna Romanelli
Address5420 Warren St, Morton Grove, IL 60053

  • Remove unlock stone-pavers where work will be performed
  • Excavate soil according to the plan and remove it where necessary
  • Dig down for foundation walls accrding to the plan
  • Frame up and pour new foundation footings - call for inspection
  • Frame up and pour new foundation walls all concrete according to the standards
  • Layout cravel and in the crawl space and compact it use moisture barrier and pour 2'' concrete slab in the crawl space
  • Use 2'' insulation from the inside walls of the foundation
  • Use water roofing on the outside walls of the foundation
  • Excavate the soil back

Concrete stairs replacement and front sidewalk

Address1924 W Oakdale Ave, Chicago, IL 60657

Break out concrete stairs leading to the first floor and concrete steps leading to the basement
  • Brake out bottom floor next to the steps and the sidewalk from the front porch stairs to the city sidewalk
  • Keep the small retaining wall next to the steps to the basement and resurface it with concrete patch
  • Take out temporarly two stairs railings and install them back after concrete stairs are done
  • Sandblast the steel railings and prime them before reinstallation
Build new stairs
  • Frame up new concrete stairs, steps, floor, sidewalk
  • Layout gravel and compact it
  • Pour new concrete stairs, steps, sidewalk and the floor leading to the basement 6 bag mix concrete 4000 PSI
  • Clean up the property and houl away debris

Concrete work

Concrete work


ClientEnver Difvna
Address5806 N Campbell Ave, Chicago, IL 60659

Concrete work
  • Brake out old concrete sidewalk - south side of the building from the city sidewalk all the way to the alley
  • Brake out old apron all the way to the garage and excavate section where trash cans are on
  • Excavate patio area in front of the garage 8'x13' for new concrete patio
  • Saw cut garage area around the walls and brake out old concrete patio

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