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Siding work on the house and garage, Chicago IL


ClientDebra Hill
Address5736 Race Ave, Chicago, IL

Siding work on the house and garage
  • Take out aluminium siding (back new vinyl siding on the house extension is excluded), fascia soffit, old aluminium capping and gutters off the house and garage. Remove all stone panels of the front wall on the of the house. Remove rotted shingles on the small eaves at the bottom of the peaks off the roof. Install new roofing felt and new shingles matching to existing on the house as close as possible
  • Replace any rotted wood on the walls and eaves of the house and garage
  • Install 1/2'' insulation on the house and the garage
  • Install TYVEK wrap on the house
  • Install aluminium wall flashings as neccessary along the siding walls
  • Install new vinyl siding Revere Somerville III brand proposed by contractor - style and color is to be picked by the customer
  • Cap all wood frames, windows and doors with new aluminium coil on the house and the garage. Replace 4 new Climate Guard low-e glass windows on dormers of the house
  • Install new aluminium fascia and soffit on the entire house. The wood soffit on the front porch ceiling remains
  • Install new seamless heavy gauge 0.32 aluminium gutters and oversize downspouts on the house and the garage. Reconfigure position of some gutters according to the owner decision
  • Clean up property and haul away debris
  • Tear off all roofing material to wood deck on the garage. Replace all rotted wood. Install 15lbs roofing felt. Install 2 new mushroom roofing vents. Install 25 year manufacturer warranty traditional 3 tab shingles color matching to the house as close as possible

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