JL Chicago Masonry and Tuckpointing - list of masonry and tuckpointing jobs done in Chicago, IL

Brick work, masonry work and roofing work

Address: 6125-27 N Hoyne Ave Chicago IL

Concrete work

Address: 626 Park Ave,River Forest, IL

Brick work, masonry work

Address: 4723 N Drake Ave, Chicago, IL

Brick work, masonry work and roofing work

Client: Kelvin D Owens
Address: 3825 W Fillmore Ave, Chicago, IL

Masonry work

  • Take out stone sills temporarily of the front parapet walls and demo the face brick parapet walls down to the roof line and re-brick them new face bricks closest match to existing replace other deteriorated bricks near the top of the front parapet walls. Lay stone sills back
  • Pull two bricks above the lintel of the top floor window and check lintels condition.
  • Rebuild two 3′ sections of outer side of parapet wall on the west side of the building, 1 by Chimney, 1 by front of the building. Rebuild one 3′ section of outer side of the parapet wall in the back east side of the building. Spot tuckpoint where necessary.
  • Rebuild the right wall on the front concrete porch with new bricks and spot tuckpoint where necessary.
  • Replace 3 lintels on the front bay of the 3rd floor.

Roofing work

  • Torch down new modified roofing membrane flashings on the new parapet walls and coat them with aluminium coating.

Masonry work

Address: 1029 S Racine Ave, Chicago, IL 60607

Masonry work

  • Brick wall reconstruction and skim coating on the garage.
  • Tuckpointing on the building.