Roofing License : #104.015899

Roofing work and brickwork in Chicago

J.L. Contractor work

Roofing work

  • Tear off all roofing material on the back part of the building ( addition ) to the wood deck.
  • Replace all the rotted wood.
  • Remove coppings on the firewalls temporarly
  • Install 1/2 installation over the wood deck
  • Rebrick inner walls on the firewalls
  • Install 43 lbs roofing base
  • Install new mushroom roofing vents
  • Torch down new modified roofing membrane on the deck and on the firewalls
  • Coat new roof with aluminium coating for heat reflection
  • Lay the coppings back
  • Clean up property to the dumpster and haul away debris